• About Us

    In 1890 a group of local business professionals formed a business improvement organization. In 1940 the organization was incorporated and recognized by the state government. The Garner Chamber of Commerce serves the community by allowing local businesses to better serve the area. The Chamber is a spokesperson for business, promoting Garner by promoting the businesses and groups that make their homes in and around Garner.

    The Chamber also promotes the county to visitors and prospective new residents with welcome packets containing information provided to the Chamber by the membership. Businesses involved with the Chamber share a common goal of improving the local business climate. Some ways that goal is achieved are through business and community promotion, businesses assistance and business advocacy. The Chamber also sponsors and hosts a number of events that encourage community involvement. In order to thrive, a community must take pride in itself. Chamber events, such as Duesey Days, Treats on the Streets & Holiday Affair, are a means of encouraging community involvement and instilling community pride. Lastly, the Chamber is a vehicle for business. Publicity, networking, and sponsorship opportunities not only increase the visibility of businesses and organizations, but also encourage positive relationships within the community. Although the Chamber is a place to find local and state tourism information, its primary function is to serve the communities, businesses and organizations that make up the Chamber of Commerce.